Welcome to the new someecards.com!

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Does change frighten you? Us, too! So let’s comfort each other during this exciting, traumatic relaunch of someecards.com! Take time to play with and get used to all the new site features, such as:

-your own inbox of sent, received, created, and favorited cards
-dynamically built address book
-simpler/sleeker navigation of categories and holidays
-quick view and quick send of cards while browsing
-enhanced search
-scheduled card sends
-card pickup notifications
-profile pictures
-other things not included in this somewhat tiresome list!

Come back here to post comments about how happy, relieved, confused, annoyed, and even sexually aroused you are by the new site! We’ll read all your responses, and continually be improving the site with enhanced functionality and new features. It was your feedback over the past year that helped guide us in this relaunch – so if you dislike anything about the new site, maybe blame yourself!

someecards staff


183 Responses to “Welcome to the new someecards.com!”

  1. Ben Says:

    Not bad, so far, but I’m having a heck of a time reading the cards and other text on the site. Not sure if it was made smaller, or it’s a new font or what.

  2. Chris Says:

    As a long time someecard user I’ve become accustomed to the functionality of the website and the new site only makes things a bit more difficult to navigate. Now we have to log in to send all cards, not just user created, which adds an additional step. Secondly, you added more annoying boxes to uncheck so that we don’t receive your relatively un-annoying newsletter. Those should be opt in boxes, not opt out default boxes. Third, the startup page is too long. It requires ridiculous amounts of scrolling just for 1 example of a travel card. If you added the example categories along the horizontal axis it might be easier to view at first glance.

  3. Marybeth Says:

    I agree with the logging in to send ALL cards being an issue. If you could lose that feature that would be GREEAAAAAATTTEEEE….

  4. Acala Says:

    What happened to the cards that were made on Saturday and Sunday? (6/13-6/14)

    Why can’t I add user cards as favorites?

    What’s with the jacked top rated cards, most popular cards, etc.

    What happened to the comments that were on a bunch of my cards?

  5. Shawn Says:

    I was busy composing a scathing post riddled with unfavorable comments and highlighting the countless shortcomings of your new site, but then I realized that I was really writing about me.

  6. Mee Says:

    Wait, you has a web site?

  7. Alison Says:

    The website keeps inserting spaces between lines of text in an ecard I created, and as a result not all of the text fits. I’ve tried hitting edit and deleting the spaces, but when I hit save it gets all screwed up again. I also tried creating a whole new card and using a different picture, but same deal.

    Other than that, I have no problems with the new layout, mostly because I haven’t bothered to look.

  8. A Says:

    I can’t register. I get to the step where I have to activate my account by clicking on the link in the email, but when I do it just opens a blank window and then the site doesn’t recognize my email or user id. This is incredibly frustrating and the login feature should definitely be optional.

  9. D Says:

    I love your cards, but I’d rather not register to send them. That’s a deterrent. Not sure what the point of that is, other than to harvest email addresses for your newsletter. (?) I also don’t need an inbox, an address book feature, or a profile picture.

  10. Chris Says:

    When I’m viewing user cards by holiday, I click to go to page 2, and I lose the holiday and it just throws me into the whole user cards section. What gives?!

    I also don’t like that I can no longer see how many times my created cards have been sent.

    This is a funny way to “upgrade.”

  11. Tee McGee Says:

    In specific to the User Cards:
    There are spaces between the lines that look ridiculous. When I try to vote on cards, it keeps kicking me back to PAGE NOT FOUND. I can’t comment on the cards w/o it kicking me back to PAGE NOT FOUND. What happened to the cards from 6/13-14? They have disappeared. Also, what happened to the comments left on cards prior to 6/12? They are gone. Why does it say: Today’s Top User Cards and they are all from more than 1 month ago? Why does it say: This Week’s Most Popular User Cards and most of the cards are more than 1 month old?

  12. Eleni Says:

    Why would you remove the menu of ALL categories, including an ability to see the most recent ones displayed in page view? (Not just the ones that are highlighted). The only option I see is to use the site map link to find the categories. This is very disappointing ‘update’ to your site.

  13. Acala Says:

    It seems as though a “Brook Lundy” category might raise user card writer morale ;)

  14. Jumbotron Says:

    Could someone please enlighten me as to one positive aspect of the new site? Because all I see are glaring negatives that make me want to bang my head furiously against the wall. The new site is a giant steaming pile of HORSE SHIT. Please go back to the old one before I lose it completely. Thanks! :)

  15. Acala Says:

    I was also wondering what is the point of the pop-up that lets me know that I’ve just voted on a card? Was there a lot of accidental voting with the old layout?

  16. Acala Says:

    Also, on the page with the link to this temporary blog someone spelled “coming” incorrectly. Apparently this person doesn’t read much erotica ;)

    In my mind every time someone replies on this blog a message is sent to Brook Lundy’s phone and he dies a little inside.

  17. Acala Says:

    Yet another bug, when you click to look at a specific user’s cards, every card says they have 33 votes.

    I’m clearly not giving up.

  18. markusskinnus Says:

    Biggest concern is the double-spacing, especially for people like me who aren’t clever enough to think of a decent (or otherwise) card that uses less than five lines of text. :)

    A user forum would have been nice, or at least some way of highlighting new comments.

    Also, it’s minor but I think the username of the card creators should be highlighted more. (I miss seeing the ‘created by’ line on my cards)

  19. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    This may or may not help the cause- but I noticed that the extra spaces are added every time you save the card.

    It’s actually sort of amusing. Save your cards over and over and watch them expand like the universe!

  20. someecards Says:

    Hey guys and gals – thanks for the feedback. We’re aware of and working on all these issues. It ain’t easy to do a relaunch so try and be patient with us, at least for another few days. After that, you should start complaining non-stop. XOXO, Brook

  21. Sarah Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    This is a stupid question, I’m sure, but is there a way that you can delete a created card? I am new to the site and I accidentally misspelled a word on one of the cards I created and I cannot figure out how to delete it.


  22. Sarah Says:

    Never mind. I have figured out the answer to my question.

  23. Maren Says:

    I enjoy the reading all of the hostile comments left by people that take this so seriously. Just for that reason alone could you please keep changing the website layout?

  24. Ann Says:

    Why can’t we click and save the user made cards?

    And Maren, I love you!

  25. Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen Says:

    Oh Maren, I love you too! Where you been lately? You gots to be writing more cards, fo’ sure!

  26. nobama Says:

    i miss maren she’s a good wrighter and i like that she teases blacks and queers and jews because someone should do it ppl are so propper now and she doesn’t care about what other ppl say

  27. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    I agree, Maren. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dicked up the upgrade on purpose to inspire people.

  28. Nei Says:

    Is it just me or is the rating system still a little bit dicky? When I want to rate a card, it adds another half star to what I selected, sometimes more. Also the pop up boxes are annoying as hell. If you could get rid of them and modify the favorites section so we can save user cards that’d pretty much make my day.

  29. Markus Says:

    I noticed today that “this week’s most popular cards” are actually from this week, which is neat.

    I noticed one problem, however- some (but not all) comments show up as blank. I’m assuming that someecards has built in a shield to protect us from remarks that may damage our self esteem, although I may be mistaken and/or wrong.

  30. Maree Says:

    It makes me want to stab somebody that I still can’t save/favorite the user cards.

  31. someecards Says:

    Hey bros and hos – we’re still working on those user card issues. Getting there. So close. When they’re fixed, you’ll hear a very loud orgasm. We’ll also be launching some video stuff probably next week. More reasons to ejaculate. –Brook

  32. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Whoever suggested the feature(s) that will make us ejaculate, you deserve a trophy.

  33. Kiki Says:

    I’m pretty tired of having to click ~three extra links to get to newest cards. I absolutely agree that the new layout sucks ass. Just sayin…

    Also, a video feature? Really. I think we should act out some cards and hand out someecard Oscars (we’ll call them Lundys) for the best in each category.

    I would ejaculate, but thankfully I was blessed with a vagina. The end.

  34. someecards Says:

    Three clicks? I count one. You realize the top navigation is a rollover, right?

  35. someecards Says:

    Oh, I see what you mean – we’ll fix that. It should be on the regular homepage too…

  36. Calypsomatic Says:

    Am I a dumb-ass, or can we not sort our list of our own created cards? I at least need to be able to see which of my cards have been commented on, to facilitate my narcissism and ensure that I can properly praise those who praise me and revile those who revile me.

  37. someecards Says:

    FYI, WHY REGISTRATION: Just so everyone (all 36 of you) understands, a huge reason we needed to do registration was because people were using our site as spam. In other words, spammers write code that would send thousands of people to cards that had porn links and other crap in them. And not the GOOD kind of porn links. Anyway, that’s the type of thing that can take down our site. Like, forever. So registration prevents spam from happening. Registration may be a bit annoying but our intention is still to keep the site as simple as possible. Thanks, Brook

  38. FoxyFox Says:

    I’d also like to sort my cards. Hmm, and a delete feature would be nice.

  39. Tropicana Says:

    Can you add a feature that makes my cards funnier?

  40. Tyson Says:

    I still cannot vote or comment on cards without it taking me to Page Not Found. Also, how is the voting going to be now? There are cards up from months ago.

    Other than that, the other issues seem to have been fixed.

  41. Doosh Says:

    Someecards, I don’t mean to be a doosh, but perhaps you’ve heard of a captcha? Granted, I hate those too, but your registration process is onerous, as is the four checkboxes I have to uncheck if I do actually want to send an ecard. I don’t buy your spam excuse. I can only hope that a competitor springs up and steals all of your cards. From best to useless in record time.

  42. markusskinnus Says:

    I regret to inform everyone that someecards.com just got blocked at work. :( so from now on the site will be funnier between the hours of 7:30 and 4:00 EST every day.

  43. Dango Says:

    Is there a way for me to edit my profile? The email address that comes up for me when I log in is an old address. I’d like to update it with my current address. Some people reply to my sent cards and they are now going to my old address.

    Otherwise, I like the new site… no complaints!

  44. Duncan Says:

    Hi Dango, if you’re logged in you should be able to change all your profile info by clicking the “manage account” link in the bar at the very top of the site. Hope that helps.

  45. wilkpad Says:

    I haven’t really noticed any changes. Keep up the good work. Oops, my nurse just came in for my meds. Gotto go for now. Bingo in an hour!

  46. Jimbo Says:

    Does anyone else use Opera? I was able to use the old site fine with 8.5, but the new site is bad. Maybe my configuration is hosed.

  47. FoxyFox Says:

    I could have sworn the first letter in my username used to be capitalized? I mean, not to nitpick or anything, but having my username in all lowercase makes me feel inadequate. :T

  48. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Is there any way to send cards to other users? You know- just using their username and not an email address.. If not there should be.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t send a user card. I’ve tried about seventeen times and everytime I click anywhere in the remote vicinity of the card (such as to uncheck a check box) I keep getting taken to “Page Not Found.” I have been a loyal user for several years but this new site is not my friend.

  50. Nei Says:

    Markus – I second that motion!

    I’ve noticed some of the hover links (eg. Most Popular cards category) come up with empty pages. Also, the Top User Cards box on the right side of the screen doesn’t appear to recognize commas yet and is currently replacing them with %2C code. But you have managed to fix up most things in the span of less than a week so kudos to whatever monkey you have pounding on the someecard company keyboards.

    On a more positive note, it was good to see that someone fixed the spelling error on the Feeds page because I’m a perfectionist like that. :)

  51. Ann Says:

    I didn’t bother reading this entire thread to get the answer, but why can we click and save the regular cards, but not the user cards?

    Or is that taboo?

  52. Duncan Says:

    Hi there,

    First off I want to thank everyone for all the feedback. You’ve helped track down a ton of bugs, which makes fixing them easier. Some of your questions, like the one above, are just a matter of coding bandwidth. It takes a lot of people to build these features, keep the site running, answer blog questions, etc., so we don’t always finish things as quickly as we’d like. The new site has a lot of new features that we hope people will find useful in the long run, but it’s taking a little time to get some of the kinks out. Regarding registration, we don’t love the idea of requiring it, but it’s really a matter of security for the site. If you send out email you need to force people to register. There may be some sites out there that only use captcha, but captcha can be cracked, so to keep it really secure, and to keep people from spoofing email addresses you pretty much have to require registration.

    Keep the feedback coming.


  53. unmentionables Says:

    Me no likey change. Change frighten and confuse me… Me not know how me to do things now… Not really. Actually, I love the new layout. It’ spiffy! The design is easy on the eyes, clean, and modern. The new features are similarly great. And as far as the bugs are concerned, I hear you can outsource that sort of thing to toddlers in India for half a penny a day–that should not only fix the bugs, and reduce your overhead, but also take advantage of the overseas child labor industry. It’s a win win win! Nice job guys.

  54. Nei Says:

    I actually think the old layout looked more ’rounded’ and less pixel-ish but eh you can’t win ’em all.

  55. Denise Says:

    Login? NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen Says:

    I like the new feature that tells me when someone views the card I sent them. I think this feature helps me to be a more effective stalker. Which is a win/win. I win, and those I’m stalking also win, in some sense.

  57. Tyra Says:

    Everytime I click anywhere in the remote vicinity of the card I keep getting taken to “Page Not Found.” I still cannot vote on cards or make comments either w/o going straight to page not found. But, the other kinks seem to have been worked out.

  58. Ann Says:

    ***Search isn’t working!*** :D

    I did a search for “hickey” last Sunday and a few cards came up. I did the search again now and nothing comes up. Could this be due to the new layout?

    I really need this card to taunt a friend!

  59. Ann Says:

    NEVER MIND! Search works

  60. Jumbotron Says:

    Ok, I have one more issue in addition to the new site being horse shit, LOL. When a card has four comments, you cannot post a fifth comment because a little Verizon ad is completely covering the “submit comment” button and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it, as far as I can tell…Please fix this immediately or I will take my business elsewhere. :P

  61. Tom Rees Says:

    Great site! However, today I can’t send anything from the site. Weird.
    Once I log in, select a card, address it to receiver, then the site redirects me to another page. Anyone else have that problem today?

  62. Sheri Says:

    I can’t send a card either. When I click send, I get directed to a page that says: Page Not Found We’re sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found. Click here to go to the someecards.com home page.

    Guess I won’t be sending any Father’s Day cards…sniff sniff…

  63. Tom Says:

    I just realized that I can send cards, but I cannot send any of the USER cards. That’s what sends me back to the Page Not Found department! Very frustrating after several attempts over two days. Hopefully it will be working sometime soon.

  64. Calderasfarm Says:

    I am not having any of the “page not found” problems people are mentioning. However, I have another huge problem with the new site. The top five cards are now based on sends or comments, not votes. Thus if someone wants to come to the site and see the best user cards written that day, they have no way of doing so. They can see the best cards (by votes) of the week, but those are pretty much a week old. They can see the most sent cards of the day, but those are pretty random as you can see if you take a look at today’s list. They can see the cards with the most comments, but that is not something anyone would really care about.

    The “sort by comments” option should really be replaced with “sort by votes” so that people have an incentive to write funny cards again. As it is now you write a card and it gets a lot of votes and then it is gone forever, maybe to appear a week later on the “week’s most popular list,” but probably not. And people who visit the user cards section can’t find the best cards in order to send them to their friends and loved ones.

    This is a huge problem in my opinion and has taken from me my will to live/create ecards. :)


  65. Nei Says:

    I’d like to see the top cards sorted by a combination of views, sends and rating. I don’t know if that is possible. But what I would like to see most of all is the Most Popular category fixed up. Right now it’s not showing anything. What I mean is there is the week’s Most Popular on the front page, but not the category section from the drop-down menu.

  66. Duncan Says:

    We agree about the sorting issues in user cards. This may take a little time, but we’ll get it all worked out.

  67. Barbara Lawrence Says:

    I still can’t vote or send cards without getting “Page Not Found”. Please consider adding Sends to Created Cards category. It’s a vanity thing, dontcha know. Also please consider adding the Sort featue too. Thanks.

  68. Nei Says:

    For anybody who is still having trouble viewing certain pages, make sure you have updated your version of Java. I was experiencing problems using a computer with an older version, but once I updated, everything worked fine again. I think it was Java anyway? One of those scripting programs.

  69. Barbara Lawrence Says:

    I tried updating Java, but it’s still no go.

  70. David Says:

    What’s up with the nasty ‘negative option’ email I got from someecards.com?

    I received one ecard from a friend more than a year ago, and today you spammed me to say that you will automatically sign me up for your spam emailing list (‘weekly newsletter’) unless I opt out?!

    Bad behaviour for a direct communications company!

    Also, time to fix your Terms of Service page! I tried the page ‘http://someecards.com/subscribe/index.html’ that your Terms of Service offers, but got a ‘the page you’re looking for can’t be found’ error.

  71. Nei Says:

    My bad, I think it’s adobe flashplayer instead.

  72. Kiki Says:

    Can we do something about the ads that keep popping up and not going away when i click the ‘close’ button?

  73. Deb Hall Says:

    HELP! How do I delete a of my own creation??? Can’t a girl change her mind here???

  74. Erin Says:

    I still can’t send any ecards! It’s been days. I’m in withdrawl.

  75. Nei Says:

    Deb, you can’t delete a user-created card once you have submitted it. It is a mixed blessing at best.

  76. Barbara Lawrence Says:

    up dating Flash Player didn’t work either.

  77. Calypsomatic Says:

    Can anyone else see their Favorites? I am really pumped about the possibility of this new feature but it still does not work for me.

  78. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Hey- I’m not sure if this matters or not- but my web browser is Firefox (almost as exclusively as I use my left hand), and I haven’t had any problems the last couple of days except for persistently being awesome.

    ..So beware.

  79. Acala Says:

    I’m not here to complain (except that it still comes up as all cards having 33 votes when you look at a specific user’s cards.) As Markus said, I also use Firefox and haven’t had any problems. I’m not persistently awesome but I’m persistently perverted which is pretty much the same thing. Except more nipples.

  80. Acala Says:

    Okay, here is a complaint/question. Why does this have 145 sends? It’s the number one card for the day and it doesn’t make sense.

  81. Duncan Says:

    Top Cards in User Cards isn’t working properly yet. We’ll fix that as soon as we can.

  82. Acala Says:

    Thanks Duncan!

    Does this mean we should start ragging on you rather than Brook? I can’t promise I won’t make cards about you getting raped, though.

  83. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Thanks for clarifying the deal with that card.. i was seriously starting to question myself and others.

  84. Tyra Says:

    Thanks for fixing almost all of the problems – However, I still cannot vote or comment w/o it sending me to Page Not Found. And I am really not sure what to do about that.

  85. Nei Says:

    Try using Firefox as your browser. Internet Explorer and Safari are riddled with problems.

  86. Maren Says:

    I still don’t understand why you were not able to completely launch the new site and fix all the bugs in the code in one day. MEANWHILE keeping it working perfectly so that we may ignore our responsibilities at work (or our children) to write, send, vote and comment on cards.
    Yes, I kid, and I do like the new layout… it would be nice to be able to see sends in the “your created cards” section just because I need that validation. I think someone mentioned that above but I thought maybe if 2 out of the 36 of us said something it might make more of a difference (?)

  87. someecards Says:

    We’re working on all that crap, like Duncan said. Jeez. We had everyone cranking on getting the video cards up today. That being said, will you people shut the hell up and start sending our brand new video cards! http://www.someecards.com/video-cards/newest xoxo, brook

  88. Acala Says:

    I love the videos!

  89. markusskinnus Says:

    To hell with all this nonsense. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to hire me to work from home, or make a blackberry app so I can make ecards at work.

  90. Josh Says:


    My friend and I also hate the feature of having to log in to send cards. Yes, I know it’s easy to log in. Yes, I know your browser can remember the log in information. Quite simply, it’s a hassle, I don’t want a cookie like that on my computer, and these “features” would be great if I wanted to do anything more than simply send a funny ecard to a friend, which is all anyone wants from this site. I fully expect you won’t implement this change strictly off comments to this blog, but thought you at least would want to know why we won’t be using the site any more. Bye!

  91. Acala Says:

    I don’t think this has been brought up and if you’ve already realized it’s a bug then who cares because I’m going to tell you anyway. When you search a word, such as “rape” (lol?) in the user cards, you can only see 20 cards max. If you try to view 100 cards nothing comes up, if you try to go to the second page of 20 nothing comes up. So yeah.

  92. Duncan Says:

    Just want to point out that for people who don’t want to log in we put a permalink under every card. This is for you to email: http://www.someecards.com/card/3094. As we’ve said we can’t allow people to use our email system without registration due to the ease of abuse, but feel free to never register and just email links. Should be easy enough.

  93. mandie Says:

    Yo all.

    Don’t mind the site. Everybody changes. But, don’t you think titling the site as ‘Funny, free holiday cards’ or whatever is a bit lame? Funny is so passe. You’re pithy, amusing, wry, sharp and everything else high and low brow without saying you’re funny. Wow I totally kissed ass.

  94. Nei Says:

    Time to make more raep cards Acala.

  95. Maren Says:

    i have found that “rapey” works well.

  96. calderasfarm Says:

    I agree with Mandie. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, things that call themselves “funny” are never funny.

  97. Duncan Says:

    We agree that saying “funny” isn’t funny, but it’s good for SEO (search engine optimization). If someone is searching for “funny ecards” we’d like our site to come up as an option. I think we can all agree that this is a worthwhile trade off, and that this a completely pointless conversation.

  98. calderasfarm Says:

    Hey Duncan, you’re funny! :)

  99. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    I was searching for “supremely unfunny ecards” when I discovered this site…. for what it’s worth. :)

  100. Nei Says:

    I was looking for porn.

  101. FoxyFox Says:

    I was searching for Jesus 2.0.

  102. Chelsea Says:

    Love you guys, love your site, but I’m so sad that we can’t copy and paste the cards. My co-workers and I copy and paste e-cards back and forth all day, it’s easiar than typing in the e-mail address every time. With the new site, we can’t do that, booooo!

  103. Duncan Says:

    Is the permalink under the cards not almost as easy? Have you tried that yet?

  104. Nei Says:

    Maybe you should make it a little less subtle. People are automatically used to copy+pasting links direct from their URL.

  105. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Anybody else see every card they ever made with the editor’s choice “E” on the thumbnail? Or are they only haunting me?

  106. Kennedy Says:

    I can’t send a card I’ve created. Every time I try to do it, it kicks me into “Page Not Found” before I can send it. And if I happen to get fast enough to enter in the email address and push “send” it says that I have the wrong email address. I am completely frustrated.

  107. Duncan Says:

    The Page Not Found issue is a know bug on older browsers. We’re working on it. Sorry about that.

  108. Nei Says:

    Hate to be a bitch… not really.
    After you log into your account, the pop-up reads “thanks for loggin in”.
    If you could throw a g in there that’d be grrrrreat.

  109. Duncan Says:

    Good catch. It’s fixed now. Clear your cache and you’ll see the change. Thanks.

  110. calderasfarm Says:

    An apostrophe would have worked too. :)

  111. Duncan Says:

    We think we have the “Page not found” bug in IE fixed. If you’ve been having that problem, try the site again and let us know. Thanks.

  112. Nei Says:

    Now all that is left is to fix the most popular cards sorting system and the “33 votes for every card on your profile page” bug.

  113. The Donut Project » someecards.com Says:

    […] Someecards recently unveiled its new website to the masses. But the new launch has been met with quite a backlash from the someecard user community. Above are a few examples of user submitted cards pertaining to the redesign. Read about the relaunch and some of the new features of the site on their blog. […]

  114. Suzanne Says:

    My coworkers all agree, we HATE the new Someecards.com!
    What happened?!
    The site was fine and now logging in for everything?

  115. Maren Says:

    I still love the new layout… is there any way to add a spell check to the create cards section for people who can’t read good.
    I spelt a lot of words wrong on some of my cards.

  116. barby.doc Says:

    These are some things that I’ve thought of, in addition to all the other suggestions/threats.

    (1) I’d like for you guys to fix the rating system in the user created cards. The way it’s working now, the best rated cards are the ones with the best star rating and the most votes on it, which is fine. However, there are cards with ratings of 1.29 with 7 votes that are ranked better than cards with 5 star ratings with 6 votes. I think this is important because: (1) someone who wants to look at the best user cards by rating will see lousy cards that happened to get a lot of votes, and (2) great cards that didn’t get as many votes get lost because no one gets to see them.

    (2) One thing that’s already been mentioned but that I think deserves another passive-agressive complaint is the “Today’s Top User Cards” section. No one really cares about the cards with the most comments. It’s cool to see the cards with the most sends, but most of the time those cards are really crappy ones that the user sent out to every person they’ve ever met. I liked how they were ranked before: by star rating mixed in with amount of votes. But the best way would be a mix of that with sends. Just a suggestion.

    (3) I would really love for there to be a way for me to see on one page all my cards by date made, category it’s filed under, star rating, # of votes, # of sends, # of views, and # of comments. Please. I BEG OF YOU.

    (4) I like the fact that now we can comment on the “official” someecards, but I’d also like to be able to give them star ratings. You probably don’t want to do that because then we might hurt your feelings if a card gets a so-so rating. But I think it would be useful because it would be a good way for people to instantly see your funniest cards, that don’t necessarily have as many sends (which is the way you rank your most popular cards now).

    (5) Also, I’d like for there to be a way to see the best ever user cards, one ranked by sends (like the “Most Popular” section the official cards have), and another ranked by votes (which is what I suggested you do for the official ones in number 4). Of all time, not just of the week. If your cards get that, why can’t ours?

    I know most of the things I said are really things to add instead of things to fix, but since you’re already doing maintenance I guess now’s a good a time as any to ask. Thanks!

  117. Chelsea Says:

    Duncan Says:

    June 26, 2009 at 5:54 pm
    Is the permalink under the cards not almost as easy? Have you tried that yet?

    Yes it is!! Thanks Duncan!!

  118. Gabe Says:

    I tried to sign up but the register button does nothing.

  119. Gabe Says:

    Alright, it’s working now. Thanks!

  120. Maren Says:

    Just a couple more random requests…
    Could you ask USA to start showing “Cartoon Express” again on Saturday mornings? Also I would really appreciate it if Pluto was given back its status as a planet.


  121. Kiki Says:

    I want a pony.

  122. Nei Says:

    While you’re at it is there any way you can take the rights to the Muppets away from Disney?

  123. boudicca Says:

    Behold my epic essay on the user created cards section. The internet is serious business.

    Bugs that you probably already know about which continue to annoy me:

    – Viewing cards per user still doesn’t show vote/rating info.
    – Weird shit happens when you change images and/or edit text while creating a card. Sometimes the text will go over the image, the words will mash together, line breaks will be randomly inserted, etc.
    – Search results for user cards all say they’re ‘over 39 years’ old. This is a lie.
    – Newsletter and username links in the upper right corner just point to the current page.

    New features I dislike:

    – Having to close the pop-up after voting. Could you make it auto-close after a second or two?
    – No longer being able to sort by daily rating/popularity. I rely on the excellent taste of others to weed out the horrible cards. It’s super annoying having to wade through all the terrible cards when sorting by date, and the good cards disappear off the page very quickly. Before the redesign I had the daily popular cards bookmarked and checked it a billion times a day, but now I only check the weekly cards every few days, and have already seen most of them. That’s like $0.000003 in lost ad revenue for you guys!
    – The weekly top rated cards algorithm still seems buggy. I periodically see cards in there that have a really low rating.
    – The top user cards section still seems jacked. The same cards stay there forever, and people can get their unfunny cards bumped up by sending to a billion people. Please factor in daily rating as well as sends! And sorting by comments doesn’t make sense in that section.
    – Search defaults to regular cards instead of user cards. Would be great if it defaulted to user cards when you’re in the user section (did this before the redesign). Would also be nice to search both categories at the same time.

    New features I would love to see:

    – Notification when someone comments on your cards, or someone else comments on a card after your comment. You could steal some of the code from the ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’ checkbox beneath the box in which I’m typing.
    – An actual help/FAQ section instead of linking to ‘cry for help’ cards.
    – Ability to click on a user’s name in the comments section (this was there prior to the last couple of redesigns).
    – Ability to send cards to usernames, not just email addresses.
    – Ability to ignore users (filter out their cards). Would be nice to favorite users as well.
    – Some kind of forum or buddy list so we can interact with all the awesome users on the site. It’s web 2.0!
    – Spell check!
    – Ability to sort cards by most popular of all time (you used to be able to do this, but it was slow).
    – When searching, be able to specify whether to search for the whole word or include partial.
    – Be able to delete submitted cards.
    – More thorough QA testing before big launches. I second what _____ said – you can hire super cheap QA testers in India that work remotely. I work at a big fancy internet company, and our QA team finds a shitload of bugs just by going through and clicking every link and going through common workflows.
    – Send a thumbnail when sharing on Facebook. Text by itself is boring. I often take screenshots and post those on Facebook instead of a direct link – that’s another $0.00000003 in missed ad revenue!
    – Remove the ability to vote on your own card. Too many douchebags vote up their own horrible cards mere seconds after submitting.
    – I haven’t tested this since the redesign so it might no longer be an issue, but card dates used to be based on time of creation, rather than time of submission, so if you saved a card and then didn’t submit for a day, it would be buried on the 3rd or 4th page.

    Please note that I have written this 4,000 word essay because I love this site and spend 85% of my workday enjoying it.

  124. Maren Says:

    yeah what she said.

  125. kiki Says:

    so eloquent :)

  126. Acala Says:

    You can’t click on any of the cards under This Week’s Most Popular User Cards.

  127. Duncan Says:

    You can click on the thumbnails, but it looks like you’re right, the copy link is broken. We’re going to start knocking out all the user card bugs next week. Please keep listing them here. It is helpful, and we’ll get to them as quickly as possible.


  128. Maren Says:

    I think it is time for another contest where maybe we could win a hooker or a box of live ferrets or something…
    maybe a copy of the new book?

  129. Kiki Says:

    or a book about a box of hookers. just kidding.

    I would love some new images.

  130. Maren Says:

    yes. a book about hookers.

  131. Kiki Says:

    I think instead of Sends or Comments, the Top 5 should be sorted by something more arbitrary, like background color or number of words.

  132. Frustrated Says:

    I spent 10 minutes trying to register for an account, before I finally gave up and just emailed my recipient the link to the card, along with the text that I would have written. It’s now a couple of weeks later, and I’ve finally tried again to register for an account. This time I was successful (though it again took me 10 minutes), only to find out that I’m now stuck with the email I used to create the account as my only option for a reply email. I’m supposed to use one account for work people, family, and friends?

    I probably should have seen these complications coming when I had to opt-out of the newsletter every single time I sent a card. True, that requirement has been removed, but now there are four checkboxes I don’t care about, including “show me when this gets picked up,” and “let me know if it doesn’t get picked up.” I always knew when my cards were picked up, because my recipient always responded with a comment about how funny/thoughtful/insensitive it was. Your cards had a galvanizing effect like that (and I mean that as a compliment).

    Here’s what I think you’ve done: you’ve traded having minimal information about a lot of users for having good, comprehensive, tracked information about a much smaller number of users. I haven’t sent a card in the last month because I was so frustrated with my experience. Prior to that, I’d probably send about two per week. I’ve finally been through the registration process, and I discover that I STILL can’t send a card, because my recipient will have no record of the email address with which I signed up.

    I realize that you’re probably trying to generate better user information so that you can better target ads, and therefore you can charge more money for them. What you’ve done in the process is to make something that was simple, quick, fun, and easy to use, and you’ve loaded it down with a bunch of cruft.

    I have really enjoyed your site over the past couple of years, and I’m struggling to find a single thing that is better after this change. More disappointingly, I’m struggling to find a single reason to keep using it.

  133. Frustrated Says:

    One more thing, now that I’ve read through the thread (post first, read later).

    If “spammers” were the driving force behind this redesign, a captcha would have been a much easier and simpler fix to implement than setting up registration.

  134. Kiki Says:

    Please, for the love of god and all that is holy, fix the Top 5.

  135. Maren Says:

    Just to let you know it is Saturday morning and I am still not able to watch “Grape Ape.”

  136. Kiki Says:

    Thank you for flagging all the Top 5 cards right now – i’ve asked before, but i’m asking again because this is friggin ridiculous. can we please change the way the Top 5 is sorted?!?!? Sorting by sends lets any ass send their own card to their moron friends as many times as they want and get it into the Top 5.


    k thanks.

    also, have you gotten ahold of a pony for me yet?

  137. Maren Says:


    It honestly shouldn’t be that complicated.

    Everything else seems to be working great.

  138. FoxyFox Says:

    Are you guys friends with the CollegeHumor staff? They’re funny jews, too, so I thought maybe there was a connection.

  139. Maren Says:

    Can we have a Farm Town category?

  140. Nei Says:

    I just wanted to ask if there was any way you could program the site to make the usercards funnier.

  141. Kiki Says:

    I wish there was a way to stop spammers. And people who post cards as invitations to their own stupid personal events. I know they get flagged and pulled, but not before they send them to their friends a million times.

    Where did the funny cards go? I used to cry from laughing so hard. I think the site redesign made cards not as funny.

  142. jumbotron Says:

    Sorry about the cards being less funny lately. I’ve been busy with other stuff, but I’ll try to write more cards in the future. LOL?

  143. Maren Says:

    You could just go ahead and create a category called “not funny” or “been done before” (yes I realize lots of my own cards fall into these categories – that is why I am suggesting them.) We could also use a “no longer topical” category for people that still want to write Michael Jackson cards.

  144. FoxyFox Says:

    And how about a “poop” category while we’re at it.

  145. Nei Says:

    We could always kill two birds with one stone and create a scatplay category.

  146. boudicca Says:

    The spam in the top 5 list is getting really ridiculous. :(

  147. Duncan Says:

    We’re working on solutions to deal with spam, but it’s complicated. We don’t want to put up barriers to sending cards, so we’ve got to build in more elegant solutions. We’ll get there.

  148. boudicca Says:

    Yay! Can we sort by daily rating again in some manner, pretty pretty please?

    Also, ponies.

  149. kiki Says:


  150. Nei Says:

    I’d be happy even if they simply slapped hair extensions on a large dog.

  151. Kiki Says:

    Can we at least get a picture of a pony?

  152. Kiki Says:

    Ponies!!! just kidding.

    Maybe a solution to the sending-lame-cards-thousands-of-times problem would be to add a filter so if someone sends their own card it doesn’t get logged as an actual send? I’m not entirely sure it’s possible, but it would save us from having to see the cards thanking everyone and their brother for coming to their lame-ass sweet 16 party at the donkey show. Just a thought. :)


  153. Nei Says:


  154. Maren Says:

    Jabber Jaws!!!! I want an image of Jabber Jaws!

  155. Maren Says:

    I have a picture of a pony that I can email you… one of my children is on it though:(

  156. Calypsomatic Says:

    Along with all the more popular bugs, I want to make sure no one forgets to fill in the empty but promising blank of having ‘favorites’. I would love to be able to just keep a log of all the batshit awesome cards people are making. And on top of that, would it be possible to be able to search for a particular user name?

  157. boudicca Says:

    Another minor bug – when you delete one of your created cards and click ‘confirm,’ the confirmation pop-up is triggered a second time, even though the card is now long gone.

  158. coldpizza Says:

    I made a boo-boo (yes, I speak infant) and submitted a card containing a grammatical error. I have since flagged it approximately one million times, politely asking for it to be removed from your site. Why is this such a major ordeal?

    Also, is there a way to tell when comments have been left by other users under the new format, other than revisiting each individual card you create? Under the old format, there was a comments tab to view such feedback. I see no such special place now. That’s not to say your site doesn’t have a special place in my <3.

    P.S. Delete my effing card. Thanks!

  159. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    When sorting through one’s own cards, you should change the “max cards per page” box to read “max cards on page 1.” anytime you change it, it reverts back to 10 when you go to the next page. and takes you back to page 1 if you change it. :)

  160. Kiki Says:

    I’m just sayin. The site was ‘redesigned’ 2 months ago and it’s still fucked up.

  161. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Recently I find myself scouring every image available trying to find fat and/or old people. In case you guys get bored making sure the site works properly, you could add categories for ‘fat’ and ‘elderly’ and that would be hella fucking balls-to-the-wall awesome!

  162. calypsomatic Says:

    I don’t have any of the new images as an option when I try to make a card. What gives? Do I have to earn access to them? I am sad.

  163. Nei Says:

    Try cleaning out your cache/private data/cookies.

  164. clutch234 Says:

    What’s with all the crazy conservatives on someecards all of a sudden? This is the last place I would expect to see God fearing, Rush Limbaugh loving, Obama hating, socialism ranting, let’s wait until we’re married to have sex losers.

  165. Tee Says:

    I agree with Clutch. What’s up? I guess I just assumed in the past that all of the racist/sexist/classist cards were all complete exaggeration.

  166. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Finding comments on my own cards by any method other than clicking every card I’ve ever created would be rad for people like me who have created less than a thousand cards.. I’m just sayin’… now that your store’s up and running… :)

  167. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Here’s something.. cards I’ve ‘sent’ to people.. are still showing up with zero sends.. You should put the fix for this one in your new store. :)

  168. jobburgjohnny Says:

    Why cant I save the cards that I am creating? I am signed in….

  169. kqk Says:

    Why can’t I save user cards as favorites?!?!

  170. foosh Says:

    I’ve tried to register like 3 times over the past two days and I never get the activation link. WTF is going on!?!?! its christmas eve i need to send cards!!!!!!

  171. Duncan Says:

    There are two possibilities regarding activation links: The sends have been a bit delayed today due to heavy volume (we’re working on it). Or, it may be in your spam folder (another issue we’re working to correct).

  172. David Says:

    I want my account and cards erased! My psycho ex has been logging in and making cards in an attempt to say I am harassing her. I changed the pw but they still remained and are being used against me.

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  175. Elizabeth Says:

    Why can’t I save cards I am creating?

  176. Ruthe697 Says:

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  177. Julieann Says:

    Why don’t the cards save to my phone any longer when I choose save to phone??

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  181. SANDELL Says:

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  183. Anonymous Says:

    Currently searching for a new e-card service. Its a shame. I have used and turned people on to Someecards for years. I loved how user friendly and easy Someecards was to use. Bye Felicia!

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