Sorry you were deeply and very specifically offended by a relatively unoffensive Easter card but seem to enjoy the other ones.



27 Responses to “Sorry you were deeply and very specifically offended by a relatively unoffensive Easter card but seem to enjoy the other ones.”

  1. DJ Averill Says:

    Maybe some people find humor in making fun of the logically untrained. I mean people of faith, sorry. In either case, making fun of any religion, especially Christianity is needless to say, hilarious.

  2. hello offensive kitty Says:

    Isn’t religion all made up anyway? :)
    I’m pretty sure atheists rarely become offended by atheist banter, jokes, ecards or comments. Shouldn’t you be worshipping a bunny delivering eggs or something?

  3. tyro press Says:

    Hmmm…..they reallllly wouldn’t like my “Us killing Jesus is the reason for the season. You’re welcome, from your Jewish friend” card that I plan to market.

  4. jedwardcooper Says:

    the events of Good Friday, specifically, *were* tragic to those who lived at the time of Jesus and witnessed them.

  5. PeaceLoveElise Says:

    if you’re offended by the ecard, stop looking at it, don’t send it and know better next time when you go on Most importantly, get a sense of humor.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Whazzat about zombie Jesus?!?

  7. Zach Says:

    people just need to lighten the fuck up and take a joke

  8. Illona Says:

    Which imaginary friend is funnier ?

  9. Crista Says:

    yeah, stop looking at the ish if you are going to be offended. duh.

  10. Crista Says:

    p.s. i think of it as a bunch of awesomeness. thank you for being so awesome.

  11. Leisa Says:

    I’ve got a birthday coming up later this month, and I absolutely adore this card!

  12. Angry Chinese Driver Says:

    As a strong Catholic, I didn’t take offense to that eCard. The whole point of this site is to be as politically-incorrect as possible.

    And if you want, you could even spin the eCard to mock atheists as a bunch of cruel-hearted sons of bitches who can’t even appreciate the beyond-worldly deeds of the Son of God. But that’s not the point.

    We, Christian or not, criticize certain people of a faith for suing their workplace for allowing certain “offensive” foods or posters even though only *they* take offense; it would be totally hypocritical for us to do the exact same.

  13. Angry Chinese Driver Says:

    P.S. That said, I really hope hello offensive kitty is being sarcastic in their last sentence. Or else that’s religion-knowledge fail. Either way, it’s funny.

  14. Hold The Phone Says:

    I am a strong practicing Catholic and truly and deeply believe in God. I read this card and thought it was hilarious. That said, I think that who ever wrote this letter or email or whatever had every right to be offended. Just because certain individuals don’t subscribe to that set of beliefs doesn’t mean that everyone has to think their witty banter about it is hysterical. Just because we are able to take a joke, doesn’t mean everyone is. So please, everyone that’s criticizing the person that wrote the initial comment, just lay off. Let them have their beliefs. For some people, it’s the only thing that gets them through the day.

  15. Brae Says:

    You could say that every card on this site is offensive, that’s why they are all so funny, it’s shock value, nothing more. If you don’t like it, don’t come to the site! Why is that so hard to figure out…you must be a christian!

  16. Zeph Says:

    Isn’t using common sense regarding faith the same as using a calculator to spell?

  17. janflora Says:

    OK…first of all it’s a birthday card not Easter, and as someone whose b-day happens to fall on April 20th [yes, today] I LOVED this card b/c it sums up the feelings I have every year at this time.
    Secondly, the largest tragedy which it references is actually the Holocaust which is generally considered a Judaic tragedy, so the offended Christians need to go read some history.
    Thirdly, this particular date also marks the b-day of the heinous human who designed that specific tragedy and his “memory” is preserved nearly every year by ppl who refuse to learn history and tolerance and only look at the world through a one-sided view.
    Fourthly, I ama recovering Catholic, and went to parochial chool for enough years to learn that Good Friday is called “Good” because it is not a great tragedy but rather the fulfillment of God’s promise that ultimately led to the greatest miracle, 3 days later.
    And finally, yes, the cards are funny as H-E-double hockey sticks…I loved the one I got [a diff one] and sent myself this one on facebook! I will be back!

  18. Drew Says:

    For real…these Ecards are intended to be satirical and hit nerves. If you have delicate sensibilities go to Jesus Christ might agree.

  19. catbalou Says:

    Obviously this little April diddy was brilliant and will remain at the top of my list; otherwise or the bible thumping bigots who inspired this card wouldn’t be crying in their wine and biscuits.

  20. probably Justin Says:

    For some reason, seeing the email made me really really happy. I love idiots.

  21. brave Says:

    I think it’s really brave of the Some Ecards writers to only bash one religion and completely ignore the most violent and barbaric religion in the world. Neat.

  22. Jim Shipley Says:

    This is the first I’ve read of someblog, and I just wanted to add that I am a Christian, and I also find someecards freaking awesome! When I come across the cards that make fun of religion, if I don’t find it funny (if you believe in God at all you have the think he’s got a sense of humor), then I just move along. It’s not like someone is holding a gun to my head making me read someecards! lol

  23. sally Says:

    I thoroughly have enjoyed this blog and also enjoy someecards. Thanks all for being so funny : )

  24. sally Says:

    However, I’m not a fan of character assassinations. Being closed minded and prejudiced about religious folk is the same as religious folk being closed minded and prejudiced about non-religious folk. It’s ignorant. So I say lets all agree to disagree, polk a little fun at ourselves and read someecards. But no need to hate on someone’s belief or lack thereof. : )

  25. Scott Says:

    I hate you Sally.

  26. Sarah Says:

    “who can’t even appreciate the beyond-worldly deeds of the Son of God.”

    Humans have done more good for the Earth than a fairy tale book has ever done. It’s hard to appreciate myths that have perpetuated bigotry and violence, Angry Chinese Driver.

    “cruel-hearted sons of bitches”

    Yeah, sorry we don’t show compassion for your mental delusions.

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