Someecards Launches Invitations!

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Tired of people not showing up for things? With our brand new invitation system, your events will seem much more fun to everyone who still probably won’t bother coming! Here are some features:
-Turn any card into an invite (just look for “invite” tab below it)
-Find a continuously growing set of invitations for specific events (rollover “invite” in top navigation to see categories)
-You and all your guests can comment and add cards to the event’s Party Wall



9 Responses to “Someecards Launches Invitations!”

  1. someecards Says:

    Read more about this on TechCrunch!
    Someecards Launches Invites For Parties I Would Actually Want To Go To

  2. mollyp Says:

    Regardless, it’s incredibly cool considering I haven’t actually used it. Realize that this comment is strictly to support someecards in direct contravention to Apple remaining a bunch of assholes.

  3. mollyp Says:


  4. Jen Says:

    I’m trying to add to the guest list but it won’t let me and I’m the organizer…the hoover over to “invite others” says “javascript:void(0)”

    Any suggestions? Do I have to create a completely new invite?

  5. Duncan Says:

    We’re working on some fixes that should up soon (hopefully by tomorrow morning), which will solve the “invite others” problem.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible to create an invitation using a card that is not in the invitation section of the website?

  7. someecards Says:

    In regards to this: “Is it possible to create an invitation using a card that is not in the invitation section of the website?”

    The answer is HELL YEAH! Just look under any card on the site for the “INVITE” tab.

  8. rr Says:

    wanting to spread the ecard love to my friends while inviting them to my party. after creating the invite i keep getting an alert message telling me my session has expired and to refresh. not working. any help would be awesome.

  9. Says:

    Its absolute shit as it does not work!

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