Someecards is (still) looking for writers!


Earn up to dozens of dollars a week as a contributing writer for! Applicants should:
1) Read this carefully – please don’t submit stuff that doesn’t fit our format.
2) Be awesome.
3) Be very familiar with the site’s voice or deeply skilled at pretending to be.
Contributors will be mostly writing for the “somewhat topical” category. Thus, the assignment: create 8 cards for the somewhat topical category in user cards. Send links to those cards in an email to with a subject line like “my aunt loves your site and you should hire her!!!” or “writing submission.” It is due by the end of September. Thanks and good luck!


58 Responses to “Someecards is (still) looking for writers!”

  1. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    \o/ yay!

  2. T Says: reducing unemployment rates one smart ass at a time

  3. T Says: reducing unemployment rates one smart ass at a time ;)

  4. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Haha! True!

  5. boudicca Says:

    Can I get extra credit for having an editor’s pick in the somewhat topical category? Or am I disqualified for bitching about the site so often?

    Also, hire maren.

  6. Secretary 4 Life Says:

    Best news ever, and one step closer to not being a secretary 4 life.

  7. Kevin Says:

    Is it appropriate to take the work of others, claim all the credit and then forget who they are once I’m rich and famous?

  8. Greg Says:

    At up to dozens of dollars a week, I already quit my job and gave my boss a “somewhat topical” finger.

  9. Sheylon Says:

    Oh, good. Another creative project I’ll never get around to doing.

  10. Maren Says:

    shit does this mean I have to watching the news?

  11. Krista Says:

    Does this mean that you want us to upload them on our own?

  12. boudicca Says:

    maren, you can just make wry observations about other people’s cards. it’s totally topical.

  13. Nei Nei Says:

    “Also, hire maren.”


  14. Dusty Says:

    It’s like you’re saying what I’m thinking. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

  15. Beth Says:

    Is my cat pissing in my closet again somewhat topical?

  16. tara Says:

    Just make my check payable to Sen. Baucus.

  17. OCLizi Says:

    I’m a great writer, but I don’t follow directions well. Is that a problem?

  18. Tony Baugh Says:

    I am just starting work as a genealogist. I am also going to create a website.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    All my pen pals are dislexic

  20. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    I saw you guys were hiring on If you hire me, I expect health care, and I don’t want to make any decisions about it.

  21. someecards Says:

    Thanks for all the writing submissions so far! Keep ’em coming. FYI, some things to avoid:
    1) Pretending a card about say, butt-fingering a coworker in the copy room, is “somewhat topical.”
    2) Sending 8 separate emails.
    3) Using question marks, exclamation points, parenthesis, or more than one sentence in a card.
    4) Sending a blank email.
    5) Very publicly stealing a young girl’s thunder at the VMAs because you may or may not be a drunken narcissist.

  22. Leigh Scott Says:

    Drunk, talentless, friendless, homeless jerk-off seeking employment. Will work for booze. I am in a gutter near you. Kanye

  23. Meri Says:

    bad spellers of the world “Untie!”

  24. PatrickInNC Says:

    I don’t care about white people. Love, Kanye West

  25. PatrickInNC Says:

    I don’t care about Asian people. Love, Serena Williams

  26. Dawg Says:

    Kanye say’s this will never work

  27. A McCall Says:

    Sorry Taylor I have multiple personality disorder.

  28. Kiki Says:

    Please hire Maren. The end. :)

  29. Lucii Says:

    Maren! Maren! Maren!

  30. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    You should hire someone to write electronic greeting cards and then send out a memo indirectly telling them to stop spending so much time on

  31. Mike Says:

    You should hire me already. Or that Maren character, that would work too.

  32. Sobia Says:

    Hope you find some people soon because you need to make some Eid cards as well!

  33. Jenna Says:

    Since you’ve changed the due date can those of us that have already submitted make more cards and re-submit?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Jenna – obviously, no. You (and apparently me, too) suck or they would have hired us already.

  35. Submitted already Says:

    Jenna – obviously, no. You (and apparently me, too) suck or we would have been hired already.

  36. Califlily Says:

    I should totally get it because I have an aunt who’s friend’s mother is a writer.

  37. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Is it bad that my entire resume fit on one ecard template?

  38. coldpizza Says:

    If I get the job, will I be expected to ignore my own pleas to delete erroneously submitted cards? Or will that still fall under your jurisdiction?

  39. susan lee wiener Says:

    Hey, all, would someone tell me what this means: “Send links to those cards in an email to” Can’t we just send the 8 cards in an email w/o using links? Just wondered. Thanks much.

  40. pretzel Says:

    I’m pretty sure they ask for links because they don’t want their inboxes flooded with individual someecards. It’s like getting spam from your own website.

  41. jmr15 Says:

    Anyone else getting no response when you click the “save” button on the card creator?

  42. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    It happened to me a couple of times this week. I also kept being sent to the login screen. Probably had something to do with Iran.

  43. susan lee wiener Says:

    Thx much, Pretzel

  44. kari00 Says:

    hire Maren!

  45. Flopsy Says:

    Pretzel, your cards are fricking awesome. You get my vote, I feel humbled at my pitiful efforts having read yours.

  46. pretzel Says:

    Oh shucks. Thanks flopsy. :)

  47. MJ Offen Says:

    Lucky for you even though this was not brought to my attention till after the deadline, I will still submit and give you a second chance to hire me.

  48. susan lee wiener Says:

    Hey, all, can someone tell me if the deadline has been extended ’til the end of October? Thx much.


  49. Nei Nei Says:

    They have already picked someone, but the blog hasn’t been updated.

  50. Beth Says:

    Did they really pick someone already? I was hoping to at least receive a rejection e-card to let me know.

  51. Nei Nei Says:

    Yeah, I know who it is (it’s not me btw), but I’d rather not divulge their username since I respect their privacy.

  52. jjjuuussstttyyy Says:

    I’m funny.

  53. Jamie Thurston Says:

    Are you still looking for writers?

  54. Johnf524 Says:

    Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also abceeckfdffa

  55. Johnk514 Says:

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  56. hr Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post

  57. illnevertell Says:

    Are you guys still looking for contributors? I adore writing semi-satirical pieces for my blog and would love to work with you!

  58. ciri ciri penyakit sipilis pada laki laki Says:

    ciri ciri orang penyakit sipilis

    Someecards is (still) looking for writers! |

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