The someecards store is open!

Picture 2

Your favorite ecards are now available on lots of things you hold, wear, hang, shuffle, and occasionally fondle. We’ll be regularly adding new cards and products to the store, so don’t panic if your personal picks aren’t available yet. And if you know someone who drinks coffee, uses a computer, or has an upper torso, don’t forget to stop by the store when you need to buy them a unique gift!



3 Responses to “The someecards store is open!”

  1. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    I couldn’t help it..

  2. boudicca Says:

    That said, can we have stickers? Pretty pretty pleeeeeease?

  3. MarkusSkinnus Says:

    Let us users put our own cards on lunchboxes, greeting cards, magnets, stickers, titties and whatnot.

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