CONTEST: Create a St. Patrick’s Day ecard and you could win someecards t-shirts that imply you have a drinking problem!

1. Create as many ecards as you want here.
2. We’ll pick the three best by St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).

1st prize = 3 t-shirts including the one on the left, our logo shirt, and a “surprise” shirt that’s not even available yet!
2nd prize = 2 t-shirts including the one on the left and our logo shirt!
3rd prize = the shirt on the left and nothing else!



25 Responses to “CONTEST: Create a St. Patrick’s Day ecard and you could win someecards t-shirts that imply you have a drinking problem!”

  1. Ingmar Says:


  2. linedancegirl Says:

    Looks fun!

  3. Michael Powers Says:

    I drink to cover up the taste of the Corned Beef and Cabbage (and I had seconds today)

  4. acaladoobie Says:

  5. acaladoobie Says:

  6. Jumbotron Says:

    are you going to look at cards posted now or should we wait until closer to the big day…?

  7. acaladoobie Says:

  8. acaladoobie Says:

  9. acaladoobie Says:

  10. acaladoobie Says:

  11. someecards Says:

    Sorry, should have been clearer: YOU DON’T NEED TO POST YOUR CARD LINKS HERE! We’ll be checking them in the user section daily! Thanks!

  12. acaladoobie Says:

    I knew that. I just was trying to get some shameless card advertising ;)

    P.S. The user card section is getting horrible. How about axing the really bad St. Patrick’s Day cards? I know I’m not immune, either.

    Oh and how about borrowing me five bucks?

  13. acaladoobie Says:

    Oh and another thing that you should be clearer about is that the cards have to be funny.

  14. Nei Says:

    I heart you Acala. Have my surrogate babies.

  15. irishlcn Says:

    bring it on.

  16. Allie Says:

    My friend is having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. I was disheartened to find you don’t have an ecard for the occassion. Love your site, though. I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed.

  17. maren Says:

    acala i heart you too.
    and i also could use some money?

  18. Jumbotron Says:

    The new layout of the user card section sucks. It encourages people to vote only on the editors’ picks and the week’s most popular cards, rather than the cards that were just created. Even if someone knows they want to look at the newest cards, getting there is more difficult than before and is not intuitive. It makes it virtually impossible for any new cards to become popular. I don’t see any upside to this change, whatsoever.

  19. maren Says:

    I agree with jumbotron…. and acala – did I mention I like bandwagons?

  20. acaladoobie Says:

    I agree with Maren and Jumbotron. I also like bandwagons and essentially wagons of all kinds.

  21. acaladoobie Says:

    Oh, and how do I get one of those fancy avatars like the special people have?

  22. acaladoobie Says:

    I can’t stop myself! I want to impress my friend by wearing a tshirt with a witty remark so I don’t have to think of them myself!

  23. FoxyFox Says:

    I also agree with everyone who says the new layout sucks balls.

  24. maren Says:

    i would like to request an avatar too. and a wagon. a red one.

  25. acaladoobie Says:

    Am I kidding? We’ll see come April 15th.

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