Courtney has selected an only slightly obnoxious winning card!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a card in our Valentine’s Day Courtney-courting competition. It wasn’t easy for her to choose a winner, seeing as several of you forgot that you lived thousands of miles from New York City, that you already had Valentine’s Day plans, or that you were dangerously psychotic! As intrigued as Courtney was by the many offers of unconscious anal sex, her heart was warmed by a fellow who had clearly done his research – or at least actually read her bio page which was very clearly linked to in the initial blog posting for this contest. So congratulations to Jawal Nga of Brooklyn, New York for creating the winning card!


Stay tuned for updates on the date and any further developments in this deeply forced romance. And remember, in a way, you’re all winners who have the opportunity to try and sleep with Courtney on Saturday night. But somewhat more specifically, it’s Jawal. We look forward to your smug, bitter, hostile complaints! (Feel free to express your reaction in ecard format with an accompanying link in comments below.)


3 Responses to “Courtney has selected an only slightly obnoxious winning card!”

  1. Doug Says:

    Hey guys
    I didn’t know how else to contact you to let you know this. There’s a guy on Facebook named Scotty LaFramboise who is using your someecards sentiments to make his own “anti-Valentine’s Day” cards.

    Here is the link to the album:

    I’d recommend finding out where he lives and shitting on his front doorstep. But that’s just me.

    I don’t know this guy, but I felt protective of you since I send someecards pretty regularly.

  2. Johnny B Says:

    Oh….I didn’t realize that part of the contest rules were that 1) the winner must submit a late entry; and 2) the winning card must incorrectly end in a preposition.

    While it is true that Mr. Nga submitted a solid card, it was the 2nd best one submitted and was followed closely by two quite strong e-cards. I am left to think that a cursory glance at your site’s traffic tracker revealed that the best card originated 2,000 miles away from NYC and that’s why it was not selected.

    Enjoy your date, Courtney, with a guy who was almost your wittiest suitor. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. Dave M Says:

    Seems like a benign entry considering the usual witty and sarcastic approach? That’s a surprise!

    Love your site & cards – Enjoy the date Jawal!


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