Win a Valentine’s Day date with someecards writer, J. Courtney Sullivan!

4194420thbFriends, coworkers, and former lovers describe her as “wildly intelligent,” “sexy as hell,” “fearsomely witty,” and “someone who may put out.” Can you woo someecards writer, J. Courtney Sullivan, for the biggest date night of the year? Here’s how to try: Create a Valentine’s Day card and put a link to it in the comments of this blog posting. Courtney will pick a lucky winner before February 14. (Note: higher star ratings may or may not increase your odds of victory) (Another note: that lucky winner better have a lovely evening mapped out for Feb 14) And if you read PAGE SIX, feel free to assume this contest is not limited to men.



129 Responses to “Win a Valentine’s Day date with someecards writer, J. Courtney Sullivan!”

  1. andrew kosow Says:

  2. Robin Says:

  3. not justin laub Says:

  4. joshua wachs Says:

  5. pepper Says:

  6. WhiteFeather Says:

  7. 1224 Says:

  8. SensitiveGuy Says:

  9. Kennedy Says:

  10. Nate Westheimer Says:

    @evbart made me do it…

  11. goal10der44 Says:

  12. Fishy Bob Says:

  13. vinny Says:

  14. Timmy Says:

  15. Joe Says:

  16. Junebugharvey Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  17. Crista Says:

    Because this is a card my mother WOULD send me:

  18. Danny Says:

    You’ll be pleased to know my card in no way alludes to venereal diseases.

  19. eniloraC Says:

    “Danny”. he’s good. i approve.

  20. eniloraC Says:

    Nate is good, too.

  21. James Says:

  22. A guy Says:

  23. marc from atlanta Says:

  24. someecards Says:

    Some advice on wooing Courtney: try not to make your card about misogyny, anal sex, or both!

  25. Matt Says:

  26. Nathan Says:

    Here’s my attempt. ;)

  27. HockeyDoc Says:
  28. Arba Says:

  29. Matt Says:

  30. Matt Says:

    And another one…perseverance is sexy, right?

  31. Matt Says:

    And I’m spent…

  32. dkirson Says:

  33. James St. Clair Says:

    It’s a bittersweet experience.

  34. Spider Goodlegs (female in theory and in practice) Says:

  35. trickkelly Says:

  36. probably Justin Says:

  37. Cindy Says:

  38. AC Says:

  39. Jordan Says:

  40. carogonza Says:

  41. marc Says:

  42. Jason E. Says:

    You’ll also be happy to note that our Valentine’s Day plans will include a four-diamond restaurant and a performance by a jazz pianist. Unless you don’t like those things in which case I’ll think of something else?

  43. Jason E. Says:

    Also, if multiple submissions are allowed:

    But if they’re not let’s just pretend that didn’t happen…

  44. someecards Says:

    Yes, multiple submissions are allowed.

  45. James Says:

  46. Rose Says:

  47. sidecar Says:

  48. Dave M Says:

    Just because…

  49. Jeff D Says:

    Because social norms matter to me…

  50. Jazzy Says:

  51. Matt Says:

    Okay, this is a lot better poem than my last one. I don’t think it’s possible for a woman to read this card and not fall in love.

  52. CD Says:

  53. KH Says:

  54. Dave M Says:

    Gettin’ “Izzy” with it!

  55. nymfomemfian Says:

  56. jonevada Says:

  57. Arba Says:

  58. Arba Says:

  59. Nei Says:

  60. Nei Says:

  61. Acaladoobie Says:

  62. FringedGentian Says:

  63. Nei Says:

  64. Xanadiva Says:

  65. Xanadiva Says:

  66. j3r3my Says:

  67. Craig Says:


  68. jonevada Says:

  69. Craig Says:

  70. kramer Says:

  71. jbw_esq Says:

  72. vinny Says:

  73. vinny Says:

  74. vinny Says:

  75. vinny Says:

  76. Josh Says:

  77. Kevin Says:

  78. Snotty Says:

  79. Kevin Says:

    One more for kicks.

  80. Danny Says:

  81. Xanadiva Says:

  82. Mariellen Says:

  83. Johnny Says:

  84. NinjasHatePirates Says:

  85. Johnny B Says:

  86. Maren Says:

  87. Jym Says:

  88. Officewhore Says:

  89. Maren Says:

  90. Maren Says:

  91. SK Says:

    I’ve got plans but I still care…

  92. Xanadiva Says:

  93. daniel Says:

  94. Nei Says:

  95. Dino Says:

  96. Ryan c Says:

  97. FoxyFox Says:

  98. FoxyFox Says:

  99. FoxyFox Says:

  100. FoxyFox Says:

  101. acaladoobie Says:

  102. someecards Says:

    Did we mention that entrants need to live in or near New York City and not actually have other plans Saturday night?

  103. Maren Says:

  104. chris Says:

    at least i live in brooklyn

  105. The Jack Sack Says:

    Prepare to be turned on:

  106. sadsaff Says:

    ’cause love’s got a lot to answer for.


  107. Nei Says:

  108. Snotty Says:

    someecards Says: “Did we mention that entrants need to live in or near New York City and not actually have other plans Saturday night?”

  109. barby.doc Says:

  110. Snotty Says:

    someecards Says: “Did we mention that entrants need to live in or near New York City and not actually have other plans Saturday night?”

  111. Snotty Says:

  112. amyck609 Says:

  113. amyck609 Says:

  114. chris Says:

  115. Dan Z Says:

  116. mrushing Says:

  117. playgirl Says:

  118. FAQ Women » Blog Archive » San Valentín Drama-o-rama Says:

    […] me ocurrió otro concurso, arriesgando mi integridad física en el proceso. Robándome inspirado en esta idea, lanzo un nuevo concurso destinado al […]

  119. vinny Says:

  120. mhm Says:

  121. maren30 Says:

  122. Chris Griswold Says:

    I just made one!

  123. jawaln Says:


  124. Katherine Says:

  125. Nei Says:

  126. Dawn Says:

  127. amyck609 Says:

  128. clutch234 Says:

    Late submit. Please view.

  129. clutch234 Says:

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