this week’s exact opposite of fan mail


This, perhaps shockingly, is the only feedback someecards has received in many months about alleged racial insensitivity. And we’d just like to say, we’re excited to finally get an angry, election-related email from what appears to be a Democrat! The next four years will be quite a comedic challenge. If you think you’ve created an Obama-related card that walks the balance between “true,” “funny,” and “unlikely to incite a riot,” post it to comments below. Hell, maybe we’ll even give you a free someecards t-shirt!



7 Responses to “this week’s exact opposite of fan mail”

  1. barby.doc Says:

    This is a card I left in the “somewhat topical” section of the user-created ones :)

    I think it’s likelihood of inciting a riot is slim to maybe.

  2. AK Says:

    I really hope people get this.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gee. Apparently there’s racism going on here that’s so subtle that only idiots like the “opposite of fan mail” person can “see” it. Personally, I was elated to find a site with the PERFECT e-greeting card to send my bigoted, idiot brother on his birthday (i.e., “I hope the most racially groundbreaking presidential inauguration in history doesn’t interfere with your extremely white birthday activities.”). We parted ways several months ago when it became apparent that his moronic girlfriend couldn’t pass a group of children at an early spring carnival without referring to them by the “N” word. Some people need exposure like this to wake the hell up and smell the coffee! (Oh good lord, it’s BLACK, too!!!)

  4. Tanner Says:

    I’m giving serious thought to including the above someecard into my email signature. I also deserve a t-shirt b/c I’ve been spreading this site like wildfire since last spring. I managed to set Ernst & Young back a day or two by forwarding it to a friend there.

  5. boca chick Says:

    You are not brilliant and yes you are horribly offensive.

    Get off my internet. I might have to call the police.

  6. Johnny B Says:

  7. Kandy Durch Says:

    I truly appreciate this post.I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing.You’ve made my day! Thank you again

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