What would you change about someecards.com?

We’re in the middle of deciding on big site changes and would appreciate your input. What would you like to see on someecards.com? RSS? All your sent and received cards in one inbox? New types of content? Or do you have some phenomenal feature in mind that we’d never think of? Let us know, and we’ll consider either adding it, hiring you to do it for us, or just complaining about the fact that we haven’t done it yet. SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW!


33 Responses to “What would you change about someecards.com?”

  1. M. Says:

    RSS feed would be great and I love when you guys do twitter updates with your cards.

  2. Ross Says:

    I’d prefer it if there wasn’t any flash, so I could use the site from the iPhone.


  3. Chris D Says:

    I second an RSS feed. Even of latest cards only.

    An RSS feed of this would be great:


  4. Meghan Says:

    I would have an embed code for each card on the same page. Not everyone is on Facebook.

  5. helenium Says:

    I’d also like it if the punch line for the card wasn’t in the url. but i guess you do that for SEO reasons…

  6. Parker Says:


    Embed code would be awesome.

    As would ability to have your text actually displayed on the cards would be great as well – maybe even the ability to customize your cards? Use someecards text with user-submitted photos/images and vice-versa?

    Blogged about you guys a few months ago: http://blogcampaigning.com/2008/07/online-done-right-someecardscom/

    Keep up the great work otherwise!

  7. Alison Says:

    I’d love to be able to delay delivery of cards, so I could set up a birthday card to be delivered next week, for example. Some card sites have this feature. Please, oh please?

  8. AnnieMaim Says:

    I’d like to see stupid people not be able to rate my wry and witty user created cards one star. …Can you fix that?

  9. djs Says:

    pretty please make the your ecards section searchable!

  10. jenny Says:

    –RSS feed!
    –more birthday cards! They;re the cards everyone sends most frequently and they seem to update infrequently
    –delayed sending
    –be able to save email addys of people you frequently send cards to, or import your gmail contacts.

  11. bianca Says:

    -cards in Spanish and other languages
    -more images of people of Color (we don’t all have afro’s or dress in “ritual” gear)
    -cards for menstruation/PMS/your first period
    -second the saving emails and delay sending

  12. Kevin Says:

    1. definitely an RSS feed for newest cards

    2. I rarely send the card using your site, instead I just email the URL to whomever. So, it would be great to have an alternative URL for every card (maybe someecards.com/12345) that is right on the page, so that you can email it without giving away the punchline (or triggering spam filters).

    3. a way for people to be able to buy any someecard as an actual, physical card. or at least offer a wide selection of cards that you can buy.

  13. mary Says:

    first, I love everything you do!!!
    1. like everyone else, RSS feed.
    2. i loved what you did with bothervoting – how you can add the item to your own blog. more of that would be great – and it would link back to you (i’m sure there is a technical word for this…)
    3. cards about getting passed up for promotion

  14. barby.doc Says:

    1. I absolutely love your site. It brightens up my day just to look at the cards, and as an added bonus my friends and family think I’m extremely witty just for sending them a few.

    2. I’d like the user created cards to have a bit more display in the homepage. Not all of them, just the really good ones.

    3. Your “editor’s picks” are all really good, but most of my favorites are missed and are subsequently lost forever (taken from a really good user-created card by jumbotron).

    4. I already sent you this in a facebook email but I’d really really like it if I could sent the user created cards via the facebook someecards app. This is really important to me because it annoys my friends to have to click on the link in the email to see the card I sent, and also it’s cool to have a history of the cards they’ve received right on their profile.

    5. I second the cards-in-other-languages suggestion. I’d be happy to help make someecards in Spanish (for a ridiculously large fee of course).

    5. And for “mary”, who wanted a card about getting passed up for a promotion, until the some people make an official one, for now here’s one I made:


    Thanks some people.

  15. faithsalutes Says:

    Please make Amway or Arbonne jokes. Anything tying these network marketing companies to pyramid schemes & being tricked into going to “parties”.

  16. lauren Says:

    I don’t like the new, modern illustrations. half the fun of these cards were the old style drawings.

  17. j Says:

    definitely the ability to schedule cards!!!!! pretty please!

  18. ET Says:

    Would be great to have an address book option since I send most of my cards to the same group of people.

  19. Lindsey Says:

    I would like to see someecards’ illustrations to be more inclusive of people of color, queer people, and people of different abilities. Also, I often wonder what the make up of the somee staff is. Do you seek to be a diverse and inclusive staff? I love the cards, and I think it’s important to laugh at ourselves more often. But sometimes they just scream “white male” to me and I think having more perspectives on your staff could help improve the reach and relevency of your cards to a broader audience. Keep up the good work, and I do hope inclusivity is a part of your ongoing mission.

  20. abby Says:

    Can you make a “reply” button to send a card back to the sender?

  21. barby.doc Says:

    Hi again! I also just thought of asking you guys to please put up a message board in the user created part of the site, or to have some sort of message system activated when someone posts on a card you’ve created or posted on. Thanks!

  22. Nei Says:

    Message board seconded.
    Also it would be good to be able to select and store favourite user cards as a tab separate to the MyCards tab?

  23. Jumbotron Says:

    Hi, I agree there should be a message board. Also would like the “all time” sort to be brought back if possible. And also, I really think you need a “pets” section, at least in the user cards. There would surely be many humorous pet cards created with themes such as “thank you for pet sitting,” “sorry your pet died,” “congrats on your new puppy” etc. I often want to create a pet related card but don’t know where to put it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  24. rebelanne Says:

    The option to “save to favorites” our favorite cards.

    More importantly, a feature that shows what cards we have sent (and to whom)..some cards are so funny but I don’t want to send them to the same person twice on accident!

  25. hjs Says:

    Suspect you folks could put a bit more present day edge on your work given half a chance….right?

    Like the site but much of this stuff is zzzzzzzz

  26. Jumbotron Says:

    hjs, wtf is that supposed to mean? could you be any more vague?

  27. celefebvre Says:

    Jumbotron — you were born for this/brighten most of my days. Thank you. Seriously. You have no idea.

  28. boca chick Says:

    All gay people off my internet.

  29. yana Says:

    Please make a favorites section. I’ll find a card that I really like and send it to someone, and then at a later point want to send it to someone else and it would be great to not have to search from the beginning.

    If we could see which cards we’ve sent and to whom that would be great too…I think I might be repeating sometimes.

    And an address book function would be good because I usually send to the same group of people and it’d be nice to not have to type the addresses each time.


  30. kqk Says:


  31. some ecard fan Says:

    I cannot save the cards that I have created. When I go to “created cards” the card I just created isn’t there!


  32. JustJessee Says:

    Ability to have RSS of all the categories of cards on the site, individually. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Oh…Y U No Android App?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I’d love to write snarky French cards.

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