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Holiday and Recession Special: Still Free!

November 17, 2008

chris_042Just in time for the holidays and devastating economy, has announced sending its cards is as free as it’s always been! What better way to express holiday wishes to loved ones than recession-proof ecards? Don’t miss out on this offer to send anywhere from five to five hundred cards for the price of none. The more you send, the freer they are!



visit the brand new ecard museum

November 15, 2008


No one can say with certainty when the electronic card (”ecard”) first appeared. Some historians believe it was in 1995, when began hosting online greetings featuring nature and wildlife photos. Others trace it back to the early Egyptians, who by the 1400s, were believed to have conveyed electronic greetings on papyrus scrolls. And still others claim the ecard has been in existence since the dawn of time. The ecard museum is not intended to offer answers to historical uncertainties. This collection has been preserved merely for you to view and “send” to anyone with an electronic mail (”email”) address. VISIT THE ECARD MUSEUM >>

this week’s exact opposite of fan mail

November 9, 2008


This, perhaps shockingly, is the only feedback someecards has received in many months about alleged racial insensitivity. And we’d just like to say, we’re excited to finally get an angry, election-related email from what appears to be a Democrat! The next four years will be quite a comedic challenge. If you think you’ve created an Obama-related card that walks the balance between “true,” “funny,” and “unlikely to incite a riot,” post it to comments below. Hell, maybe we’ll even give you a free someecards t-shirt!


winner selected: best pro-republican card is from a democrat

November 5, 2008

picture-13Congratulations to Andrew Todd, registered Democrat, of Boston, Massachusetts! Andrew will soon be the proud owner of this t-shirt as his selected prize. Thanks to everyone who participated – many more contests to come. And sorry about the election!

What would you change about

November 3, 2008

We’re in the middle of deciding on big site changes and would appreciate your input. What would you like to see on RSS? All your sent and received cards in one inbox? New types of content? Or do you have some phenomenal feature in mind that we’d never think of? Let us know, and we’ll consider either adding it, hiring you to do it for us, or just complaining about the fact that we haven’t done it yet. SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW!