best pro-republican ecard wins a free t-shirt

Sick of Web sites with an irritating liberal slant, like Then do something pretty easy about it! Rather than simply sending wrathful feedback to the site, create a humorous ecard that best expresses your Republican views. Save and submit it to the “somewhat topical” category in the next two weeks, at which time we’ll pick a winner, send them a someecards t-shirt of their choice, and post the ecard on this blog. Maybe we can even become friends!
(Post links to your cards in comments.)


12 Responses to “best pro-republican ecard wins a free t-shirt”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’m Sorry there’s no radical group committing voter fraud for the GOP in your state

  2. grel Says:

    Break out the cigars and interns. The Democrats are headed back to the White House.

  3. mookie Says:

  4. Jonathan Says:

  5. mookie Says:

    can we submit more than one?

  6. someecards Says:

    Submit as many as you like!

  7. RF147 Says:

    Republicans may be morally bankrupt but not financially and that’s where it counts anyways.

  8. Ivan Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Rather than try to convince skeptical Liberals
    I’m voting for McCain because he will lower my taxes I just tell them I’m a racist.

  11. Mike Says:

    Am I too late?

    “Congratulations on getting your chosen candidate endorsed by a well-known warmonger.”

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