sorry republicans are so easy to mock

To the people sending in feedback like this, we sort of understand how you feel. Frankly, we haven’t come up with a lot of great material about Democrats. We wish they were as evil-and-creepy-and-batshit-insane-seeming as their Republican counterparts so we’d have more ecards. Until that happens, we strongly encourage you to create as many pro-Republican cards you want! But maybe not so grammatically awkward and forcefully capitalized!


17 Responses to “sorry republicans are so easy to mock”

  1. Jason H. Says:

    Are all Republicans like that? Even me!? Whew…thanks for letting me know!

    Here I was, just walkin’ down the street, apparently 100% insane and didn’t even know it!

  2. someecards Says:

    Not sure, we just meant the candidates.

  3. Kristine Says:

    Haha! No you didn’t just mean the candidates. If you had, you would have said that. But you didn’t. You just said “Republicans”.

    Own your bigotry and ignorance. And then you can make your cards about the ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, and arrogance of the Democrats towards Republicans.

    Crazy, no?

    Reading the stupid crap like what you wrote makes me almost wish I hadn’t already voted for Obama.

  4. someecards Says:

    Glad we’re on the same page!

  5. Rachel Says:

    This is amazing.

  6. freebornman3 Says:

    Fantastic guys! Could you come down to New Zealand and do the same for us? . It’s getting near that time…

  7. Christina K Says:

    When did being witty start become so closely linked with being a liberal… and is that a bad thing?

  8. Landon A. Edwards Says:

    The best post EVER.

  9. Leah Hendershot Says:

    I just thought that you should know- this blog made me laugh so hard my eyes started watering and my co-workers thought I was having some sort of mental breakdown.
    It’s fun (and really quite easy) to make fun of republicans- but it’s even better when they get really angry about it and post irrational blogs about the bigotry and arrogance of Democrats. Genius.

  10. Amanda Says:

    god this blog made me laugh too hahaha It’s hilarious and I will be checking back on a daily basis as it’s too funny.

    People take things too seriously these days, specially when it comes to politics! Some people need to just take a fricken chill pill already!

    (Random NZ’er comment haha)

  11. LuLu Says:

    Love you guys, someecards ~

    Hey, republicans, if the truth hurts, change . . .

  12. Kevin Says:

    Liberals only want your money… The more you earn they more they will take through fees, and taxes. Republican’s don’t care how much you earn, or how anyone earns it, just as long as it didn’t come from a governmental agency. The question to every person living on earth is: How much of your lives do you want governments to control? This is not about Socialistic Liberalism, or Socialistic Conservatism; it’s about personal freedom and at what cost?

  13. Nicola Haggins Says:

    HA! HA! I love it…Your cards are real and fun! smooches!

  14. boca chick Says:

    I love the GAY cards the best…….but I don’t know your email addresses. Oh well.

  15. Socialchic Says:

    Maybe we could use a little socialism with democracy. You know, bring it back to the people.

    This blog also made me pee a little in my pants… excuse me while I go clean up.

    Kudos to you, someecards!!!

  16. zatch Says:

    The subsequent posts from Republicans trying to defend themselves only add fuel to the flame. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (no matter how short-sighted, uninformed, illogical, or brainwashed it may be), and having conservative views politically isn’t necessarily offensive in itself. Most often, having said views is justifiable when the individual has developed their own individual politics based on their own individual thought. Not surprisingly, these people are often the ones who are also smart enough to understand that their effort, energy, and intellect is best put to use in other mediums/NOT on this blog, and I bet seeing what their fellow “Republican’s” post probably annoys them to no end.

    On a lighter note, I effing love someecards and this blog is amazing.

    Dear idiots,

    Please keep posting. The only sad thing about Palin falling out of the public consciousness was not having such easy access to a feebleminded Republican windbag’s banter. You will never know how entertaining it is to the rest of us, and it is so much easier to bear now that an intelligent, honest, dedicated politician–that just so happens to be a democrat–is in office.

    Warmest regards,

  17. susan Says:

    What happened to Hallmark?

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