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be a fancily-dressed victorian era someecards performance artist of sorts for halloween

October 31, 2008

Says Kevin Markham: “For Halloween this year, my costume was a someecards character — one of your fancily-dressed Victorian era characters. I also “performed” the ecards: I would pose and hold up the caption (or have someone read it).” See more of these wonderfully and disturbingly passionate pictures here!


spend your hard-earned money on complaining about your job

October 28, 2008

Four new someecards t-shirts are on sale this week for $14.99!

sorry we didn’t have time to make cards for a significant Hindu festival honoring Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth

October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali, everyone! If we don’t have cards for a particular holiday, it by no means reflects how we feel about it. It means someone fucked up and will be fired. And as you can see, it’s a great opportunity to make your own Ghee-related cards!

be a someecard for halloween

October 27, 2008
Thanks to Kim in L.A. for sending!

Thanks to Kim in L.A. for sending!

best pro-republican ecard wins a free t-shirt

October 22, 2008

Sick of Web sites with an irritating liberal slant, like Then do something pretty easy about it! Rather than simply sending wrathful feedback to the site, create a humorous ecard that best expresses your Republican views. Save and submit it to the “somewhat topical” category in the next two weeks, at which time we’ll pick a winner, send them a someecards t-shirt of their choice, and post the ecard on this blog. Maybe we can even become friends!
(Post links to your cards in comments.)

the newest create-your-own images are off to a great start

October 21, 2008

We’ll be adding 10 new images each week, so check back for inspiration – even if your card isn’t related to parasitic dragon sodomy! officially announces it’s not even remotely endorsing john mccain

October 19, 2008

After much consideration, the someecards Web site has decided it will formally not come close to backing Senator John McCain for president of the United States. We regret disappointing Senator McCain in any way, and wish him the best as we put our full support behind the candidate who isn’t him.

i wish snl would go back to being irrelevant

October 19, 2008

Congratulations to Sarah Palin on her least embarrassing TV appearance to date! Let us know what you think, either by commenting on this post, half-heartedly creating a card, or just thinking it without telling us!

happy boss’s day to i’m not sure who

October 16, 2008

I’m somewhat certain the man pictured here, Duncan Mitchell, is my employer. Happy Boss’s Day, Duncan! What better way to salvage your own job than with a barrage of Boss’s Day ecards to whoever you think signs your checks?

judge a presidential candidate and an ecard at the same time

October 16, 2008

User Card
ratings are now live! Whittle away up to 6 hours at a time.

sorry republicans are so easy to mock

October 16, 2008

To the people sending in feedback like this, we sort of understand how you feel. Frankly, we haven’t come up with a lot of great material about Democrats. We wish they were as evil-and-creepy-and-batshit-insane-seeming as their Republican counterparts so we’d have more ecards. Until that happens, we strongly encourage you to create as many pro-Republican cards you want! But maybe not so grammatically awkward and forcefully capitalized!